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How to find a good mold maker in China?-Technology Adviser-Quality Plastic Injection Mould & Injection Mould Parts Manufacturer-Welcome to MCT Group Limited Website
Welcome to MCT Group Limited Website
[email protected] mobile: +86 150 1530 0173Tel: +86 769 8225 4079

How to find a good mold maker in China?

There are lots of different standard mold makers in China. The most important and difficult thing is to choose the right mold maker for a company at the beginning. Sometimes it takes a long time. Although it's kind of easy to find a well-known mold shop in UK, Germany, US and Japan, but to find a good mold maker in China with reasonable price is really not as difficult as you think was. You should know something about the Chinese mold market, where are for low prices where are for low quality. The first of everything you'd better to know what you really want from the mold maker with your prices. To attend mold trial is kind of a right thing; a suggestion you may also follow is requesting sampling video for each trial to save your time and traveling cost. Of course there are some exceptional for some very complicated and super big molds, in other words for some very expensive molds.

The important thing is you need to select the proper mold maker in China and review terms and conditions in your quote as well as warranty clauses. Mold quality is improving these days but you still need to supervise the mold design and qualification of your tool to make sure you received what you paid for.

One of our customers has their own mold shop in UK, but as the local cost has been increasing very much. They found MCt tried to make one mold in the end of 2014, they were impressed by our quality and lead-time, since then, they stop making any new molds, all buy from MCT. Every time, they sent a high comment back to us. We have been cooperating over five years without any quality or lead time issues.

It takes times to find good suppliers and build the partnership, not only in China, but all over the world. The expectation and understanding would be very important for the success; the companies should try to build partnership with their suppliers if they got the best one that would be very helpful for your mold supplier understands your requirements and expectations.

Find Chinese mold makers on Google
More and more people use Google to find something they are interested, but I am not sure that everyone is familiar with how to use Google to find exactly what they expect, here take an example of finding a Chinese mold maker.

If you are sourcing injection molds, combined with manufacturers sourced from all over the world, you need to get a narrowed list of Chinese mold makers precisely. If you search "mold makers China", you find in the first page the links mostly from B2B trade portal, such as ALIBABA, MADE IN CHINA, it ranks high, it is very difficult to find the website of real injection mold makers or manufacturers. We always want to go directly to the website of the injection mold manufacturers.

If you search with Google advanced command like "find mold maker in China", most of the results are the websites of mold manufacturers in China. If you are looking for mold makers in a specific city, you can also put the name of the city in the command, like "Shenzhen mold maker".

You could use advanced search function. In advanced search, you choose China as the region, and use the search command " find mold maker in China", in that way, you should be able to find out a complete list of mold makers in China.

In a word, find a good Chinese mold maker and save your money is not difficult when you know both parties well.

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