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Quality Standard

Quality control is paramount to MCT Group Total control of all processes is essential to keeping costs to minimum and lead times as short as possible, resulting in our companies aim for 100% customer satisfaction on every project.                        All our partners must have robust quality control processes, equipment and skilled quality technicians.

Using the latest software and advanced measuring devices such as CMM, Magnifying Projectors, digital height gauges, hardness tester along with all the other more standard measuring tools such as micrometers, block gauges, digital calipers etc. we have total control of our engineering processes.

  • Standard QA process include:

  • All materials are supplied with certification of conformity.

  • Inspection of all incoming materials.

  • CNC machining inspection.

  • Heat treatment certificates.

  • Electrode inspection.

  • Core and cavity inspection.

  • Harness testing.

  • Mould trial reports.

  • Sample inspection.

  • Slides, inserts, pins inspection.

  • Final inspection of assembled tool.

  • Final inspection of packaging.

  • Final inspection of shipping documentation.

The quality of our communication with our customers in extremely important to MCT Group.

The project managers with keep you updated with regular emails and formal project progress reports.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards
Quality Standards
Quality Standards
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